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Project Description
This is a VS 2013 Extension to map and publish valid Web Resources to Dynamics CRM. It uses CRM SDK to upload and publish files.

This VS extension provides two context menu options when a valid CRM Web Resource file is selected in the Solution Explorer window.

Option 1: Map and Publish Web Resource to Dynamics CRM

Option 2: Publish this file

First option will bring up a interactive user interface to provide CRM connection details. Web Resource details can be modified after connection. Then there are buttons to Upload and Publish the web resource. The settings are saved to a XML file in the project. It is not included in the project by default. However, You can add it manually.

Second option will upload the file to CRM and then publish it if the selected file was mapped earlier. If there is no mapping then interactive user interface is show as mentioned above.


Thanks to gperera for providing a VS Addin that works with older versions of Visual Studio.

Thanks to keydet for creating a wonderful blog post using gperera's addin. You can find the blog here.

Look at the video in the blog to see how Visual Studio can be used to debug JS web resources that are in CRM.

I have tested this with Vs 2013 and Dynamics CRM 2015. Let me know if someone uses this with other versions and if it works.

Happy development!

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